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Rosé du Provence

The creation of this premium Rosé du Provence required a lot of savoir-faire. Inspired by the infinite elegance of water, biodiversity of soil and the raging emotions of the sun, grapes are transformed into a poetic ballet of sublime joy. Like Cirque du Soleil shows – providing pleasure and celebration, this elegant Rose from the south of France takes us on an unexpected journey which lasts in our memories yet lives in the moment. Cirque du Soleil Rose’ is a joyous feast for the senses.

Cirque du Soleil embraces those who audaciously want to try, see and feel everything. As makers of joy, curiosity and because ordinary just won’t do, this Cirque du Soleil Rose’ inspires people to sing. The show is about to begin.

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Discover where to purchase Cirque du Soleil French Rose’ de Provence at a location near you. You don’t have to swing from the high bars, fly to France or travel through space & time to find this Festival in a Bottle.

Come to where grapes yearn for when glass meets lips, eyes softly close and a visceral mmm is heard!

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The Wine

Rosé du Provence

This delightful rose’ is delicate, charmingly pale and shiny pink in the glass with beguiling aromas of small red fruits, giving way to a beautiful floral range of flavors. This light-bodied wine is delicate and supple, velvety and fresh with slightly fruity notes leading to a crisp and refreshing finish. It is revelry in a bottle!

Provence is located in the south of France in an area rich in history and renown for producing some of the world’s most elegant roses’. Winemakers from this region have a combined respect of the terroir and climate with a desire to produce approachable and fine wines. Bottler Hostellerie de Vins De Rognes is nestled outside the small town of Rognes, 15 km north of Aix-en-Provence. The terroir is composed of limestone clay soil and is blessed with a gentle Mediterranean climate. Grapes are harvested during the cool hours at night and then rushed to the winery where they are de-stemmed, crushed and then chilled to preserve the fresh aromatics.


We at Cirque du Soleil are thrilled to be collaborating with our wine partners on this project. This is our first release with hopefully many more to come. At Cirque du Soleil, we are makers of curiosity, outrageous things and dreams. We audaciously want to do, try, see and feel everything. Because life needs folly and ordinary just won’t do, this wine celebrates our mission to embrace fun, adventure and hopefully will inspire people to sing.

Revelry In A Bottle

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